Brilliant Building Sensor Network Deployment Checklist

At OpenSensors, we have acquired a lot of knowledge in planning, conducting, and managing real-world sensor network deployments . Our checklist is based on our experience with field deployments. We have found the checklist to help manage the following risks:

  • Site-specific risks : gateway / sensor placement for signal quality, ensuring connections to the gateway has been established, ensuring gateways connect to the cloud
  • Prepare risk – staging to verify a design
  • Maintenance risk – detecting sensors that have failed (eg, stop transmitting)
  • Connectivity of networking, connectivity from gateway to cloud, deploying – setting up staging, maintenance – keeping the data flowing
  • Scoping process – identify and ensure the impact on key KPIs

Site-specific checklist

  • Gather CAD drawing or floor plan
  • Plan gateway placement
  • Identify any mounting and placement issues
  • Test building corners for signal quality
  • Confirm gateway locations and pre-installation requirements with onsite contacts

Staging checklist

  • Order sensors and gateways
  • Develop schedule
  • Plan deployment rollout: floor by floor
  • Plan for safe storage
  • Plan and implement staging to pre-configuring gateways and sensors
  • Assemble Project Kit with all hardware (inc adhesives, screws, mounts, ect)


  • Connect gateways and test connectivity using some sensors
  • Test remote access to the gateway
  • Mount gateways into position and document
  • Test end to end network connectivity with a few sensors


  • Deploy sensors according to the rollout plan
  • Test end to end


  • Prepare handover documentation with asset register
  • Review visualizations

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